Pet Sitters Ireland

Pet Sitters Ireland

In our experience of talking to 1000’s of Pet Owners in Ireland we know that these are the most common questions they ask. If you have other questions then please feel free to contact us or call 1800 30 30 10.

  • How Much Does A Pet Sitter Cost?
  • Who Will Be My Pet Sitter?
  • What Are The Benefits Of Using A Pet Sitter?
  • Will My House Be Safe If I Use A Pet Sitter?
  • What Happens Next – I am ready to Book My Pet Sitter?

What Does A Pet Sitter Do?

A Pet Sitter takes care of your pets in your own home. So there is no need to take your pets to Boarding Kennels or Catteries, or ask a friend of family member. Instead your pets get to stay in the comfort of their own home, sleep in their own bed, enjoy their own food and play with their own toys, all while getting the one to one care of a loving Pet Sitter.

We can visit your pets as many times a day as you need, depending on their current schedule. After every visit we then send you a personalised pet care journal which updates you on the visit and includes photos of your pets enjoying their time with their Pet Sitter.

As peace of mind for you we GPS track all visits so we know visits are completed each day. We also have admin staff checking your schedule is completed each day and you have been notified of such. When you travel away using our services you never have to worry whether you pets and home are safe.